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Welcome to SHOCK Studio

There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who make excuses, and those who just get up and go. Here at Donovan Green’s SHOCK studio we believe in getting up and go. There are NO EXCUSES or reasons not to train. Whether you want to train for 30 or 60 minutes, each program will drive you beyond measure. Every day is a good day, and everyday day is a training day. Our shock system has been proven to work time and time again. Our members have achieved things they never thought possible, and people’s lives have changed for the better.

What is SHOCK?                                                   

The SHOCK system is a program based around the concept of muscle confusion. There are no two workouts alike and repetitive routines are not in our dictionary. The human body requires a certain state of SHOCK in order for it to change. If there is no SHOCK to the system, the body will remain stagnant and results will more than likely suffer. In order for your muscles to adapt and burn fat, you have to SHOCK it with many different forms of stimuli.

Do I have to be an athlete to train at SHOCK Studio?

No, you do not have to be an athlete to train at SHOCK studio. You just have to want change. We understand that each person is different which is why we put emphasis on pushing past YOUR OWN LIMITS. You are your worst enemy, and you will learn how to beat yourself each day. Allow us to explain. If you did 10 pushups yesterday, we would require at least 12 today and 12 ½ the day after. Every workout is designed to push you past your limits. We place considerable emphasis on muscle endurance, strength, balance, core, speed, and coordination. We believe in hard work and dedication.

Do you guys weigh each client?

We are a scale free zone. We do not believe in measuring results with a man made machine. Scales are not designed to give you distressing news. They play with your emotions and make you feel depressed no matter what the display. We do not frame our clients up for failure we only want them to succeed, and scales are not the right way to measure success. The only forms of assessment at SHOCK Studio are before and after photos, and of course the most impressive aspect of all is how one feels about one’s self.

What are the programs offered at SHOCK Studio?

We have a wide range of programs ranging from Personal Training, Semi Privates, Yoga, Self Defense, TRX fusion, Women Boot Camp and more…We also have a fantastic sports conditioning program for students who are looking to expand performance for the next game.

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